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Pet Car Seat

Pet Car Seat

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Our dog car seats are made of high-quality fabrics that hold their shape stable and secure no matter how the dog moves. With non-slip glue dots on the bottom, it is stable and won't slide forward or backward. Comes with a safety leash that can be fastened to your pet's collar, allowing them to sit safely in the seat. You don't have to worry about pets disturbing you while driving, so it also helps improve your driving safety.


This product is packed with super soft PP cotton, which has good filling elasticity and is fluffy and soft. The zipper design is removable, waterproof, and easy to clean. The storage pockets on both sides can also store pet treats, urine bags, cans, and more. Space-saving, multifunctional design. The handheld design allows your pet to enjoy the scenery of the journey with you.


Handrail requirements length≥30cm/12'', 36cm/14.2''≤perimeter≤65cm/25.6''. The pet car window seat can be quickly installed on the center console of the car. It is more suitable for a clamshell armrest box. If the armrest length is less than /12", the seat will slide. Fits most cars, trucks, cars, and SUVs. The size of the lower armrest can be measured before purchasing.

Product Information:

Material: Cloth

Size: 42x20x22cm/ 16.5x7.8x8.6 inches

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Surinder Marlowe

I received the products, the seller packed them very well, the package is not damaged, the products are in good condition after unpacking, the seller answered my questions very seriously when I consulted, thank you very much.

Grahame Pahlke

A very comfortable bed, immediately sat down and it was clear he was comfortable and loved it. The zipper is well sewn and can be opened. There are seat belts inside. This bag is perfect for the car. I advise everyone

Mathias Richelieu

I love this car seat but think the sides are not as sturdy as I would like. I was worried about traveling with Peanut in the seat but he loves it. Goes straight to it when we get in car. I can now relax without him in my lap.

Olga Varnham

The dog seat came quite quick, and it’s the perfect size for our chihuahua. Before we had quite a big one and she was scared to go into the car, however yesterday we went on a 2 hour drive and she loved it. She didn’t get dizzy until the very end. It’s so cute too!

Konstantin Cingolani

I was apprehensive about this purchase at first, but after getting the package I am very happy with it, she is about 11 lbs. She fits this seat perfectly, which fits the center armrest of the car. She is usually shaking all the time while driving. Now this brings her closer to me and now she can see out the window. The shaking has stopped. I love this purchase. Kathy loves it too.