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Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

Kitchen Sink Drain Basket

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Tired of food clogging your sink from time to time?

Looking for a handy good-to-go drainer that fits your sink perfectly?

Disgusted with messing up with food for draining and your sink’s tidiness? 


Kitchen Triangular Sink Basket



This triangle sink strainer basket is smooth and durable, with rolled edges designed to prevent hand cuts, and is safe to use. Easier to clean and maintain hygiene. This is a multi-functional kitchen triangular sink filter you can safely use to strain hot food, and food scraps or use for fresh vegetables and fruits.


Unique Design



The sink drain basket is designed to fit most sinks, making full use of the sink corners without taking up extra space. The triangular sink strainer design makes it more stable and durable enough to use for a long time and keeps your sink countertop clean.


Easy to Install and Detach



Installed with a suction cup and two supporting ends, forming a stable triangle structure, offering strong load-bearing capacity, no worries about the suction cup falling off. The sink strainer basket can not only be hung but also placed upright. Can be used to put vegetables and fruits or other idle items.


Multifunctional Basket



The triangular sink strainer basket with suction cups and hooks. Can be easily hung on the edge of the kitchen and sink to facilitate the draining of washed vegetables or fruits. Triangular sink strainer basket filter as kitchen and bathroom accessories, for storing food and sponge, scrubber, scouring pad and helps to save space and keep clean.





The bottom of the drain tank is hollowed out, and the hole size is uniform. The high-quality materials can make you use the sink food catcher healthily and safely, making your life happier and warmer!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jessamine Sherman

I never expected that this basket can be that great. As long as you make it suck in a right way and adjust to the right position, it worked really good. At the very beginning, I almost wanted to return it because it fell from the clip and seems no use there. But my child helped me with the putting and place the wash sponge in it. I suddenly felt it was quite helpful. Then until now, it never fell again. And now I used for filtering the water for all my washing fruit and some small vegetables. Really in good use!!

Tatiana Schulze

This was sooooo easy to add to my sink I don't know why I didn't think of getting one a while ago. It is fantastic for holding all the little straws and silicone pieces that go inside sippy cups. I have been fishing them out or the drain for years now but not anymore. It keeps them all contained together until I am ready to wash them all at once, then it is a convenient place to rinse them, I just swing the faucet over the strainer, too easy! I highly recommend one of these to anyone with infants and children, it would've been great to contain all the little pieces when handwashing bottles.

Clémentine Dubois

Loved them fit perfect on my sink

Demelza Ecclestone

Great quality product, really affordable for everyone

Kayleah Tornincasa

fantastic for my cleanliness challenged self, catches all the potato peels, i also use it for quick drainage situations, like emptying old jars of pickles, some carrots in water, etc...great product, I thought the suction cup would give way easily and constantly, I thought it wouldn't work well...nope, works great.